Improve your ability to cope with Stress

Chair Massage a suitable answer to address and mitigate stress among employees

Stress is a state of anxiety caused when a gap between the expectations and fulfillment widens. Stress can be stated as the root cause of several health disorders like fatigue, joint and muscle pains, even sleeplessness. Stress can be considered an investable part of a corporate business environment. People respond to stress in different ways. Stress manifests in various physical and mental disorders and can bring down the productivity of an individual. Hence, stress management is very important from an employer’s point of view as the stress factor of an individual brings down the creative and emotional aspects of brain and is often reflected in the quality of productivity. BWC Chair Massage is one of the scientific ways to address stress and enhance productivity at the work place. It has been proven with the support of rational statistical data that dedicating 10 to 15 minutes to a body massage can distress an employee. Body Works by Carla is a leading pioneer in Corporate Chair Massage.

Portability, time and cost are all factors contributing to the growing popularity of chair massage in corporate work places. The massage therapists from BWC visits the work place after order confirmation from the employers. Employees do not need to remove or change clothing during service. Employees can utilize this service during their work breaks and do not risk losing valuable work time. The therapist tries to understand the specific problem of the individual massages the affected areas in the neck, shoulders, lower back. This simple massage improves the blood circulation and provides immediate relief to the individual.

Several corporations have benefitted from BWC and are increasing the productivity and creativity of their employees. Corporations are experiencing improved retention rates and decrease in the absenteeism. Providing incentives to staff is extremely important and Chair massage has been proven highly effective in boosting productivity within reasonable budgets. This is just one of the many reasons for the growing popularity of chair massage services at work places.