Massage Services growing as an alternate medical system

Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue in the body such as muscles and other tissues around joints. Massage improves blood flow and alleviates tension and other related pain. Massage is an ancient technique popular within the medical field in many eastern parts of the world. Several studies confirmed the age old belief and subscribed the view that Massage is useful in stress relief and alleviates pain. There are over eighty varieties of massages and some of the leading Massage Service companies such as

Body Works by Carla offer some of the prominent varieties of massage.

Chicago Massage offers one of the most important massage services like Corporate Chair Massage in which a specially designed massage chair is being taken on-site to the corporation and a short duration massage is offered to employees during work breaks. This short duration massage is done by expert massage therapists and has been proven to be very effective in addressing stress related symptoms such as neck pains, shoulder pains, and low back pains. The employees feel relaxed and the mind body coordination is improved immensely and indirectly helps in enhancing their productivity. This service can be part of the incentive by the employers and is mutually beneficial.

Massage Therapy Chicago offers another massage technique called Deep tissue massage which is very effective in addressing certain chronic pains in the muscles and joints. This technique realigns the deeper layers of muscles and releases stress. This technique works by physically breaking down adhesions to relieve pain and bring back the normal movement to the muscles.

Body Works by Carla also offers chair massage services for special events like birthday parties, trade shows and other special occasions. The expert therapists go on-site to the customer and offer massages to guests. This provides immense satisfaction to the guests and gives an extra dimension to the event. Other important services include Aroma therapy, Swedish massage, and Relaxation massage. Massage services are more recognized as an alternative in the medical science field as further research is being carried out in this area.