Relieve Your Lower Backache

Chicago Massage Therapy to release Muscle Tension and Pain

Over the last two decades there has been tremendous growth in several new business areas. The growth is witnessed in technology dominated industries like software development and mobile application development. These jobs are basically sedentary and the engineer or professional is expected to sit before the computer screen for considerable lengths of time and engage in routine work. Since the growth is unlimited and these fields offer handsome pay packages, the younger generations prefer this type of work. However, such luxuries and rewards come at a cost. The work load, expectations and targets are all highly demanding and lead to stress beyond manageable levels. This stress directly takes a toll on the health of employees leading to absenteeism, high turnover and ultimately a decline in efficiency levels.

In order to battle stress and create a healthier work environment corporations are resorting to stress management techniques. Corporate chair massage Chicago is one such company specializing in this field. Body Works by Carla specializes in Chair massage. Lower back pain is a major manifestation of stress causing a lot of problems in the workplace. Lower back pain makes it difficult for employees to sit for extended hours of time leading to a drop in efficiency. Employees from corporate chair massage Chicago visit offices and offer convenient massage solutions for employees. Employees do not have to take off their clothes or move to other locations.

They conveniently remain in their seats to get the massage done. The massage can be done during the breaks not interrupting regular work hours. At the same time it is a short process. Employees need to state the nature of the problem to the therapist’s (e.g. lower back pain) and in turn receive the necessary massage. The simple massage improves blood circulation to the lower back regions causing relief. Body Works by Carla offers chair massage service to corporate employees. Several individuals suffer from muscle tension a manifestation of the high stress levels. Such services will not only benefit the employees but the entire corporation as well. Lower stress levels lead to better relationships, improving employee loyalty and reducing employee turnover. This is the main reason for the growing popularity of Chicago Massage Therapy .