Wellness Events

Wellness Events and the role of Massage Therapists

Wellness events can be defined as health awareness and health screening services conducted for the well being of employees for a corporate firm or a community for members. Some companies like Body Works by Carla provide support to conduct Wellness events. It is generally accepted that the main source and reason for minor health disorders like neck pains, shoulder pains, low back pains and depression is stress. Stress is very common in the current business environment. Many jobs are sedentary in nature and often very intense. Employees face challenges such as achieving goals and undergo lot of stress.

This stress manifests in several ways and often results in health disorders and growth of absenteeism in organizations. Several companies are providing various incentives to employees on-site like chair massage services where expert masseurs from Wilmette Massage with massage chairs and provide services to employees. Employees feel relaxed and this short duration massage therapy has been proven to be very effective in employee well being.

Some companies organize Wellness events periodically and screen the general health of employees. They screen for diabetes, hyper tension and conduct tests to diagnose any preexisting diseases and provide medical support. Wilmette Massage Therapy can be a part of the program providing lectures and demonstrations about the concept of massage and the benefits of massage services. Companies realized that the general health of the employees is very important for the growth of the organization. If employees realize the employer is taking extra step to care for his or her health the loyalty of employees increase and the attrition rate declines.

It is extremely important for any community or company to organize Wellness camps periodically and educate the members about the importance of fitness and diet. Health education really helps in preventing certain disorders like obesity and depression and leads to a healthy lifestyle. Massage Therapy Wilmette has expertise in giving support for the success of such events.