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Evanston Massage Therapy helps pregnant Women relieve stress

Pregnancy is one of the most natural happenings for expectant mothers. Right from conception, expectant mothers feel anxiety and stress due to several hormonal changes in the body. A qualified and certified masseur Body Works by Carla knows the correct type massage required for pregnant women. Massage Therapy is considered one of the best ways for pregnant women to cope with stress and also aids in coping with the labor pains.

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Evanston Massage Therapy Has proven to be very effective for pregnant women as several studies provided by many prestigious medical schools show massage therapy reduces stress hormones in the body. This indirectly helps the expectant mother to have emotional and physical stability aiding in their ability to cope with the abnormal body changes. Due to the physical changes such as growing belly size, the extra weight changes the center of gravity which results in added stress in many of the body parts. Due to this, pregnant women feel pain in their low back area, neck, abdominal muscles and shoulders. A well trained prenatal massage therapist knows the exact areas in the body to be addressed with massage application. Hence, it is essential to approach a qualified masseur.

Evanston Massage houses several well trained therapists who have exposure in various massage techniques. Most of them undergo specialized training for specific massage techniques. Expectant mothers may consider alternatives from their regular gynecologists to undergo massage. Pregnant women with other ailments like hypertension, increased blood sugar levels, and nausea should think about alternatives aside from the gynecologist.

Prenatal Massage Evanston

Pregnant women with otherwise good health conditions can undergo massage therapy in order to escape from stress related pains and can have a relaxed life style. Doing simple work activities and undergoing physical exercises such as walks would improve the general health conditions. Chicago Massage offers several packages to pregnant women and as they need regular massage to ease pain and stress. The health of the mother decides the health of the baby. A healthy pregnancy brings emotional stability post pregnancy and child birth.

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Evanston Pre-natal Massage

A woman undergoes many physical changes during pregnancy that can lead to physical and emotional stress that can be effectively addressed with therapeutic massage. The weight of a growing baby places significant strain on the back, neck, shoulders, legs and abdominal muscles and many women also struggle with insomnia during pregnancy that only contributes to pregnancy related physical and emotional issues.

Pre-natal Therapy Benefits

The experienced massage therapists at Body Works By Carla are specially trained to provide professional pre-natal massage as a beneficial method for coping with physical changes and to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

  • Helps to improve sleep
  • Relieves muscle soreness and spasms in lower back, neck, hips and legs
  • Reduces stress hormone levels
  • Helps to regulate heart rate and blood pressure
  • Reduces swelling
  • Helps to prepare the body for labor

Helpful Knowledge for Pregnant Women

Clients are carefully positioned with comfortable support pillows in a relaxing environment. Body Works By Carla’s specially trained therapists are happy to provide practical knowledge and professional recommendations on various aspects of personal pre-natal care. Our caring staff is trained to treat and assess pregnancy related symptoms such as discomfort while sleeping and other associated concerns, in conjunction with therapeutic massage therapy treatments. Our gentle pre-natal techniques are customized to each individual to ensure comfort and relaxation of our Evanston clientele.

Experienced Pre-natal Massage Therapists

Studies reveal that pre-natal massage helps to improve mood, induce relaxation, decrease depression and reducing swelling during pregnancy. Body Works By Carla therapists apply treatments and techniques that are adapted to the particular concerns of our Evanston clientele.

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